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Archery 4 Finger Bow Release Aids Caliper Thumb Trigger Grip Adjustable


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Material: Aluminium Alloy
Weight: about 125g
Size: 20 x 13cm
Type: compound bow release aid
Color: Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Black
Please tighten the screw when the aid is too sensitive to release, and vise versa.

Package included: 1 release aid

* Feels great in your hand and makes it easy to draw.
* Very smooth, quietest, compact and well built.
* Adjustability is great too, has several adjustments to make it feel exactly as you want it to feel.
* Nice and solid, also feels great when you draw back.
* It will probably seem awkward at first but after 20 or 30 arrows it will feel more natural.
* As a new archery hunter, this is easier for you to use over the traditional releases.
* Using this style of release gives you a more consistent anchor, definitely recommend this release to anybody who looking to improve their accuracy.
* It doesn't feel cheaply made and the price you can't beat considering many others are $20 to $50 more.
* If you are thinking about switching up your release and don't want to spend a ton. Highly recommend this one.
* Before you test this release on your bow, recommend you test the adjustable sensitivity with a piece of scrap string.
* Hope it can improve your anchor point consistency and get a better shot accuracy.

More Information
Brand Sharrow
Free Shipping Yes
Color Multi-Colored
Materials Aluminum Alloy
Condition New
Delivery Time 5-15 business days
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