Push Up Board For Exercise 12 In 1 Portable Homeworkout Equipment Fitness Training

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Push up handles are made of thick, high load bearing material. The design is suitable for different shoulder widths. Non-slip handles help distribute force evenly, thereby reducing stress and joint strain on the athlete's wrists and elbows. Multiple non-slip plugs help stabilize your body while you exercise
This multi-functional 12-in-1 system push up machine is color-coded for pectorals, abdominals, arms and latissimus dorsi.
This push up trainer is lightweight, compact and portable. Whether you're at home, office or gym, you can use it to enjoy workout experience! Lose fat and build muscle anytime,anywhere!
Insert the handle into a specific position on the Push up exercise to work out specific muscle groups. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, this fitness tool can be customized to achieve professional sports results, help you to exercise efficiently and in accordance with your own plan, thereby bringing you to a perfect body shape.

Thia package includes 1x push up board.

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