5x Sets Semi-finished Traditional Archery Bow Fiberglass Epoxy Resin Parts

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Limbs Material


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Fiberglass/epoxy resin limbs dimension: 3x30x1200cm
Riser material: wood
Riser color: wood
Siyahs color: wood
Siyahs material: wood
1 pairs of siyahs for one bow
1x nylon string with big loop
Riser/handle grip material: PU leather
Limbs wraps material: PU leather
Limbs wrapping thread: nylong
1x flat file
3x 3-inch G-clips
Sold by 5x sets

Make, customize your own traditional bows with these semi-finished parts.

This package includes:
5x limbs
5x risers
5x pairs of siyahs
5x strings
5x handle grip
5x limbs wraps
5x rolls of nylon thread
5x hand gloves
5x flat files
15x G-clips

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