12x 32" TopArchery OD 7.5mm ID 6.2mm Spine 300 Red Pure Carbon Archery Arrows GPI 9 Straightness: 0.003

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Inner diameter: 6.2mm
Spine: 300, Outer diameter: 7.56mm, GPI: 9
Spine: 350, Outer diameter: 7.44mm, GPI: 8
Spine: 400, Outer diameter: 7.40mm, GPI: 7.3

Straightness: 0.003
Insert model: 6278-75
Insert net weight: 11 grains
Arrowhead net weight: 74 grains
Arrow overall net weight: 400 grains / 26 grams
Shaft length: 32"
Arrow overall length: 848mm/33.38"
AMO length: 824mm/32.44"
Fletching size: 2-inch vanes
Brand: TopArchery
Comes with explosion-proof ring
Transparent nock

These TopArchery Pure Carbon Arrows are built for experienced archers. They come with a 0.003 straightness and spine 300. They are also three-fletched with 2" parabolic cut vanes. These stiff arrows are suitable for heavier poundage bows from 40 to 50 lbs, with up to standard 28" draw length.

The inserts and arrowheads are not installed. You need to glue the inserts on the shafts and screw in the arrowheads. You may choose to cut the shafts for your customized length before attaching the inserts and arrowheads.

This package includes 12 arrows.

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