Toparchery Archery Traditional Back Arrow Quiver Genuine Cow Leather Hunting Pouch Belt Bag


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Height: 52 cm
Style: Three-points
Types: Back quiver
Color: Brown
Capacity: 24 pcs Arrows or more
Quiver Material: Cow Leather
Suitable for both Left & Right Hand.
Suitable for riding and shooting, outdoor hunting and so on.

Package: 1pcs arrow quiver
Arrows and other items are not included but available on request.

This is a best seller and on promotion!

* Hold two dozen arrows with no problem, so you can expand your collection without concerns about carrying capacity.
* It holds a decent number of arrows which the adjustable straps allow to get the perfect reach!
* The side pocket is big enough to fit a stick of wax, stringer tool, spare string and release just fine as well as replacement string and tips.
* Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time either hip or back mounted, once the straps are adjusted to fit.
* Just sling it over your shoulder then unclip the other strap to sling it around your chest it worked great!
* It's adjustable, so it fits your little sister as well as your brother who's over 6 years old.
* Well made all leather construction, stitching looks good. This is a beautiful piece of art, looks like a real medieval quiver.
* Put a few practice arrows in the quiver and it made the archer costume look great!
* Love the rustic look, the beautiful metal piece on the strap which may reminds you of zelda.
* Super cool on your trophy wall!
* For the cost, this is a great quiver!

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Brand TopArchery
Free Shipping Yes
Color Brown
Materials Leather
Condition New
Delivery Time 5-15 business days
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