12x Aluminum 8mm Insert Adapters

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* Connect broadhead/arrowhead to wood/bamboo arrow shaft
* Adapter overall length: 40mm
* Adapter inner diameter: 8mm
* Color: Silver, Red
* Material: alluminum alloy
* You might need to sharpen/sand/polish a bit your wood/bamboo shaft to match the diameter.
* This adapter makes it convenient to replace your arrowhead on wood/bamboo arrows.

Will wood arrows or bamboo arrows be limited to the broadheads and field points choices? Absolutely NO! With this aluminum adapter, you can customize your broadheads on your wood arrows and bamboo arrows. It will open you up to an new world of screw-in field points and broadheads. You will get more fun with this adapter on your wood arrows or bamboo arrows.

This aluminum adapter is threaded onto the blunt shaft. The thread inside the adapter will attach to the wood or bamboo shaft firmly. You may need to apply some glue to tighten this adapter on your shaft.

This package includes 12 adapters.

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