15x White Heat Shrinkable Arrow Shaft Stickers

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Material: Heat shrinkable paper
Color: White/black
Packaging weight of 1 pack of 15 stickers: 21g
Size: 19x1.6cm
Sticker type: self-adhesive sticker
A pack of 15 stickers
Easy to remove
Arrow spine will not be affected.

Suitable for shafts with an outer diameter of less than 1cm such as carbon arrow, aluminum arrow, wood arrow, bamboo arrow and etc.
No glue left on shaft after the vane stick.
To keep the warp long term use, You can clean the shaft by alcohol before pasting.
The hair dryer will increase sticker viscosity, make arrow wraps sticker firmly.
You may also use 80 degree hot water or a hair dryer to soften the sticker.
You can use these stickers to decorate your arrows to make the arrows look cooler.

This package includes 1 pack of 15 stickers.

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