31" 19-70lbs Archery Compound Bow Arrows Set Right Hand Adjustable for Adults

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Brand: TopArchery
Color: Black/Brown/Camouflage
Draw weight: 19-70lbs
Alex to alex: 31"
Draw length: 19-30”
Brace height: 7"
Dexterity: Right Handed Bow
Let-off: 80%
Spee: 320FPS
Main string length: 58 3/4"
Spare string length: 33 15/16"
Net weight: 2.85lbs
Riser materials: aluminum-magnesium alloy
Fishing reel can be attached to riser
Wheel/cam materials: 6061 aluminum
String material: Dyneema

Arrow overall length: 31.5"
Shaft length: 30"
Shaft inner diameter: 6.2mm
Shaft outer diameter: 7.8mm
Shaft material: mixed carbon
Shaft color: black
Shaft spine: 500-550
Arrow net weight: 34g
Fletching type: plastic vanes
Vanes color: 2 black and 1 white
Vane shape: parabolic
Vane material: TPU
Vane size: 3"
Nock type: press-in nock
Nock color: black
Arrowhead type: replaceable screw-in field point
Arrowhead size: 8-32 screw thread
Arrowhead material: steel (not carbon steel)
Arrowhead color: black

The bow is a compound design, meaning it uses a system of pulleys/cams and cables to store and release energy more efficiently than a traditional recurve or longbow. This allows for a shorter, more maneuverable bow compared to other bow types.

The overall length of the bow is 31 inches between two cams. The draw weight, the power of this bow is from 19 to 70 pounds. This model has adjustable draw weight and draw length settings to fine-tune the fit for the individual archer. The let-off of this bow is 80%. When the cams roll over, the draw weight drops, so an archer is holding considerably less weight at full draw than the peak draw weight. That is good for hunting and target shooting, especially hunting.

The riser is commonly made of aluminum or magnesium alloy to keep the weight down. 

Additional features include vibration dampener, arrow rest, sight, and release aid to improve accuracy and comfort. Overall, this size and weight of compound bow offers a good balance of portability, power, and adjustability to meet the needs of a wide range of archers.

These arrows made with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is much lighter weight yet still maintains excellent strength and durability. This allows the arrows to fly faster and straighter.

The overall length of the arrow is 31.5 inches from the back of the nock (where the bowstring attaches) to the tip of the arrowhead. The lightweight carbon construction means these arrows are typically well-suited for use with the 19-70 lb draw weight compound bows.

A key feature of these arrows is the replaceable arrowhead. Rather than having a fixed, non-removable point, these arrows use a threaded insert that allows the arrowhead to be unscrewed and replaced. This is very useful if the original point becomes damaged or dulled during use. Replacement arrowheads come in a variety of styles, such as target points, field points, or broadheads for hunting.

The replaceable design also allows the archer to customize the arrow setup. For example, they could use a lighter target point for target archery, then switch to a heavier broadhead for hunting. This adaptability is a major advantage of this type of arrow construction.

This package includes:
1x compound bow with bowstrings
12x carbon arrows
1x 9-in-1 folding hex key wrench
1x arm guard
1x brush arrow rest
1x wrist sling
1x 5-pin sight
1x 360 degree release aid

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