20" 3 Layer Straw Target

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Target type: traditional straw target
Material: straw
Diameter: 20"x20"/50x50cm
Thickness: 6cm
3 layers target
Front color: red/yellow/blue
Back color: straw yellow
Weight: 2.7kg
Handcrafted target
Easy to carry
The strap makes it easy to hang on the wall or some place, but you may want to put it on target stand or on the ground. A 2.7KG target is not a light one.
This 3-layer 20" straw target fits indoor and outdoor target shooting.
Fit 10-20 lbs kids bows with kids arrows

This straw target is not as hard as EVA target, and it fits arrows with practice field points but not sharp broadheads. A sharp broadhead can cut a hole and damage the straw target, and it will be hard to pull out the broadhead arrow. This colorful target can also be used as a decoration.

This package includes 1 straw target.

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