3x Hand Grip Strengthener Trainer Forearm Finger Stretcher Workout Silicone Rings Muscle Exerciser

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Ergonomic design with pure silicone, 78mm/3" diameter easily fits in your hands
5 resistance levels 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 70-80 lb
Thickness is 2.5cm
2.64 oz/75 g each; non-toxic, no click or squeaking noise, no sharp edges
Good grip on everything is natural when hand strength is built overtime with micro hand movements throughout the day, while in an online meeting/training, studying or watching your child play sports
Stronger hand grip muscles for sports like baseball, tennis, golf; powerful fingers for hobbies like rock climbing, playing music instruments; ideal for men, women, teens, adults and seniors
Easy to use, squeeze, hold, release and repeat in your palm, thumb and all fingers, insert a finger of both hands and gently pull outwards; easy to clean, carry in a bag or pocket anywhere, anytime
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Ideal for Many Exercises in Various Places and for Multiple Users

Progress to higher level as grip strength gets stronger
Use same ring in both hands for equal strength
Use higher resistance level on stronger hand or hand you want to get stronger
Gradually increase resistance during the exercise session. Start session with lowest resistance, move to highest level and then wrap-up with lowest resistance
Share with family members and co-workers needing specific resistance level

Hand grip exerciser and strengthener for sports, work and daily living
Finger stretching devices
Forearm muscle trainers
Rock climbing and training gear
Portable fitness kits or desk exercise bundles

This package include 3 hand grips.

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