53"/57" Black/Yellow Flemish Twist Bowstring For Takedown Hunting Bow

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Strands: 16-strand string
Materials: Dyneema, 100% UHMW-PE
Color: black/yellow
Actual length (not AMO length): 53"/135cm, 57"/145cm
2 string loops twist in opposite directions
Pure handcrafted bowstring
Easy to twist the string to change the length to adjust bow brace height
Small-loop string
Suitable for takedown hunting bows

This is a Flemish twist bowstring. It is easy to adjust in length by 3-5cm by twisting, stretching the string. This is the advantage of these twisted pair bowstrings. The string does not knot that easily. Glue is not needed either. It is easy to attach string silencers too. Flemish string is a traditional bowstring, which was used a lot in the ancient times. Two-bundle style with 16 strands, strong, and abrasion resistant. The center part is served with black nylon serving materials. The strand colors are black and yellow.

You may need to twist the string to adjust your bow after some shooting. Waxing the string will make it soft.

Please note this string is designed for takedown hunting bow, but not traditional one-piece bow. This is a small-loop string.

This packages includes: 1 bowstring.

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