56" TopArchery Purple Competition Takedown Right Handed Archery Bow 18/24/30/40/50lbs with Arrow Rest and Sight

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Brand: TopArchery
Riser Color: Purple
Limbs Color: Black
New version TopArchery logo is printed on the upper limb
Draw weight: 18/24/30/40/50lbs
Bow Length: 56"
Bow type: competition bow
Bowstring Length: 135cm / 53"
Bow Riser Length: 17"
Brace Height: 7.4"
Draw length: 28"
Maximum draw length: 30"
Dexterity: right handed bow
Riser Material: aluminum alloy
Limbs Materials: Canadian maple wood, bamboo and epoxy fiberglass laminated sheets
Bowstring Material: Dacron string
Lighter draw weights for training, competition, and heavier ones for hunting
Net weight: 2.5 lbs

Please note that the actual draw weight may have +/- 2-3 lbs difference.

Arrow rest
Dexterity: left/right handed
Color: green
Self-adhesive arrow rest, easy to install
Material: plastic

Bow sight:
Color: green
Material: plastic
Sight type: competition bow sight

This package includes 1 takedown competition bow with bowstring, 1 arrow rest and 1 bow sight.

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