57" Ambidextrous Takedown Recurve Bow with 12x Fiberglass Arrows Finger Savers Recreational Camping Hiking


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Bow Draw Weight
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57" Ambidextrous Takedown Recurve Bow with 12x Fiberglass Arrows Finger Savers Recreational Camping Hiking
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This package includes 1 bow with bowstring, 1 set of finger savers and 12x arrows.

Bow features
* Total length: 57"
* Draw weight: 20/30/40 lbs
* Brace height: 9.4"/24cm
* Dacron bowstring length: 52"/132cm
* Draw length: 28"
* Color: black
* Basic recurve bow for beginners
* Strong nylon fiberglass bow riser and high strength epoxy resin limbs
* Ambidextrous bow with double arrow rests, suitable for both Left & Right handed shooters

Arrows features
Arrow overall length: 31.5"/80cm
Shaft material: fiberglass
Shaft color: black
Shaft inner diameter: 6.0mm
Shaft outer diameter: 8mm
Fletching type: plastic vanes
Vanes type: parabolic
Vanes colors: 2 black and 1 white, optional 2 orange and 1 green
Spine: 700, for draw weight under 40 pounds.
Net weight: 43g
Arrowhead type: replaceable screw-in field points
Arrowhead size: 8-32 screw thread
Arrowhead weight: 100 grains
Nock type: replaceable press-in nock
Nock color: black
Smooth shaft surface
Suitable for beginners

Finger savers features
String finger savers
Get rid the trouble of finger protector and string nocking points.
Lightweight and portable design
Protect your fingers without wearing finger tabs when shooting a bow
Material: Silicone
Overall Length: longer 5cm, and shorter 2.5cm
Diameter: 6mm

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