60" Wood Laminated Takedown Recurve Archery Bow 6x Carbon Arrows Quiver 30-50lbs Hunting Target Practice Survival Left Right Hand

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Bow draw weight


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This package includes:
1x box with bowstring
6x arrows
1x rug plate arrow rest
1x arm guard
1x finger saver
1x 3-tube quiver
1x stringer

Bow overall length: 60"
Draw length: 30"
Riser length: 15"
Bowstring length: 144cm / 57.7"
String strands: 16-strand bowstring
Brace height: 18-20 cm / 7.09" - 7.87"
Limbs materials: laminated wood/fiberglass/bamboo sheets
Limbs color: black
Bow type: takedown recurve bow
Dexterity: right hand/left hand
Draw weight: 30/35/40/45/50 lbs
Self-adhesive rug arrow plate for your arrow rest included

Arrow overall length: 31.5"
Shaft inner diameter: 6.2mm
Shaft outer diameter: 7.8mm
Shaft material: mixed carbon
Shaft color: black
Fletching: plastic 3-inch vanes
Fletching colors: one white index feather and two black hen feathers
Arrowhead type: screw-in field point
Nock type: press-fit nock
Net weight: 34 grams
Spine: 500-550

Brand: FX-Archery
Quiver type: back quiver, waist body arrow quiver
Material: canvas, plastic
3-tube quiver
2 additional pockets for accessories
The strap makes it easy to carry and take off
Designed for Right Handed shooter
Capacity: 24-36 arrows (6-8 arrows per tube)
Colors available: Black/Red/Blue

Finger saver
Material: PU Leather
Color: Black
Fit both left and right handed shooter
Total Length: 19 cm
Strap total length 25 cm
Finger length 5 cm
Weight: 50g
Adjustable velcro strap to fit most hand sizes
3 fingers design
Protect your fingers when shooting
Suitable for Mediterranean release of takedown bows and one-piece traditional bows with arrow rests

Arm guard
Material: PU Leather
Length: 25cm
The width: 15cm
Weight: 48g
Adjustable 3 straps make it fit all arm sizes
Long design to protect your forearm when shooting especially for beginners
3 large vent holes
Suitable for both takedown bows and one-piece traditional bows shooting

Total length: 2.5m
Leather tip cups with nylon cord
Fit one-piece traditional bows, takedown bows and recurve bows
Material: Nylon, cow leather
Color: black/gray

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