60" CFSB Compact Folding Survival Archery Bow Takedown Portable Outdoor Recreational Hiking Sport 40/60lbs Left/Right Hand

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Draw Weight (+5 lbs or -5 lbs tolerance on each draw weight)


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Bow Type: Portable Compact Folding Survival Bow (CFSB or CFSB-1)
Fit both left and right handed shooters (change the limb direction for a left handed bow)
Color: Black
Draw Length: 28"/72cm
Draw Weight: 40/60lbs
Bow Overall Length: 60"/151 cm
Folded Length: 23"/59 cm
String strands: 14-strand bowstring
String length: 54.33"/138cm
Brace height: 7.09"-7.87"/18-20cm
Riser/handle length: 23.23"/59cm
Limb length: 19.69"/50cm
Maximum draw length: 29"
Bow riser material: 6061 aluminum alloy
Bow limbs material: fiberglass
The limbs are painted, and the riser is applied by anodizing process.
String material: dacron string or fast flight string
Net weight: 998g

There are built in screw holds on the riser to install fishing reel.

This bow assembles and disassembles quickly. The compact folding design makes it easily carried in backpack or over shoulder while hiking. It also conceals nicely in car or truck for quick access, but once folded no one knows you have it.

Please note that the actual draw weight may have +/- 5 lbs difference.

This package includes 1 folding bow with bowstring.

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