60" CFSB Compact Folding Survival Archery Bow Takedown Portable Outdoor Recreational Hiking Sport 40/60lbs Left/Right Hand

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Draw Weight (+5 lbs or -5 lbs tolerance on each draw weight)


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Bow Type: Portable Compact Folding Survival Bow (CFSB or CFSB-1)
Fit both left and right handed shooters (change the limb direction for a left handed bow)
Color: Black
Draw Length: 28"/72cm
Draw Weight: 40/60lbs
Bow Overall Length: 60"/151 cm
Folded Length: 23"/59 cm
String strands: 14-strand bowstring
String length: 54.33"/138cm
Brace height: 7.09"-7.87"/18-20cm
Riser/handle length: 23.23"/59cm
Limb length: 19.69"/50cm
Maximum draw length: 29"
Bow riser material: 6061 aluminum alloy
Bow limbs material: fiberglass
The limbs are painted, and the riser is applied by anodizing process.
String material: dacron string or fast flight string
Net weight: 998g

There are built in screw holds on the riser to install fishing reel.

Please note that the actual draw weight may have +/- 5 lbs difference.

This package includes 1 folding bow with bowstring.

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