TopArchery 62" Recurve Bow Arrow Set Takedown Archery 20-50lbs

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62" recurve longbow, takedown bow, Riser - 2 wood laminated limbs.

Bow power: The 40-50LB bow can shoot a single-layer grass target directly even from a longer shooting distance. The longer the bow, the more energy it can store. The 62" longbow itself can store a lot of energy. The technique of recurve at both ends of the limbs further increases the maximum power that can be stored when shooting arrows, making it more powerful.

There are three holes in the bow handle, which can mount Bow Stabilizer,bow sight, etc. You can easily install the accessories you want to use. In addition, the bow limbs are detachable, and it is laminated wood pieces, which are sturdy and durable.

The matching 12 arrows are carbon arrows instead of low-priced fiber arrows. Carbon arrows are much more durable than fiber arrows in use. This is the difference between us and other bow sets. Our purpose is let you directly enjoy archery, and makes you realize that it is a cost-effective bow set.

The bow and arrow set includes 1x recurve bow, 6x carbon arrows, 1x bow stringer, 1x bow string silencer and 1x arm guard.

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