66" 20-40lbs Archery Takedown Recurve RH Bow Competition Training Target Shootig

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Brand: TopArchery
Bow overall length: 66" long bow
Bow limbs draw weight: 20/24/28/32/36/40lbs
Bow limbs size: medium limbs
Right handed bow
Bow riser length: 23"
Bow type: competition, training and recreation bow
Recurve, takedown bow
String length: 160cm/63"
String stand: 16-strand string
String loop size: 4cm/4.5cm
String material: Dacron
Riser colors: black/blue/red/white
Riser material: aluminum alloy
Screw hole on the riser for stabilizers/dampeners: 5/16"-24
Limb material: maple wood and epoxy resin
Riser weight: 770g
Limbs weight: 500g
Bow weight: 1.3kg

Separate limbs, risers and strings are available on request.

This is a recurve, takedown, competition training bow.
A recurve bow is a type of bow that features limbs that curve away from the archer when unstrung. This design allows for more power and velocity in the arrow shot compared to a straight-limbed bow.

A takedown bow is a bow that can be disassembled into separate components for easy transport and storage. It typically consists of three main parts: the riser (handle), upper limb, and lower limb. The limbs can be detached from the riser using limb pockets and bolts, making it convenient for archers to transport and maintain their bows.

A competition training bow is specifically designed to meet the requirements and standards of competitive archery. It typically features high-quality materials, precise craftsmanship, and specific performance characteristics that are favored by competitive archers. These bows often have superior accuracy, enhanced stability, and optimal performance, allowing archers to refine their skills and achieve consistent results during training and competitions.

Please check our other more powerful bows if you are looking for hunting bows.

This package includes:
1x rise, 1x pair of limbs, 1x string and 1x stringer tool.

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