6x Archery EVA Foam 3D Pigeon Dove Bird Attracting Decoy Baits Animal Targets Decoration Hunting

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Target type: 3D animal target
Length: 28cm
Abdominal width: 8cm
Abdominal thickness: 6cm
Net weight: 16g
Material: EVA foam
Colors: gray, gray/yellow
Hollow pigeon target
Suitable for practice before your next hunting
They were great for attracting doves.
You may clip them on trees to attract animals.

An archery 3D target is a type of target used by archers for practice and competitions. Unlike traditional flat targets, 3D targets are three-dimensional and often shaped like animals or other objects that an archer might encounter while hunting.  

Using a 3D target can help archers improve their accuracy and aim, as they provide a more realistic and challenging target to shoot at compared to traditional flat targets. They also provide a more engaging and fun experience for archers, as they can simulate hunting scenarios and add an element of excitement to target practice. 3D targets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so archers can choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences.

One advantage of using a decoy target for archery practice is that it can help archers simulate real-world hunting scenarios. By shooting at a target that looks like an actual animal, archers can practice their aim and technique in a more realistic setting. Additionally, using a decoy target can help archers prepare for hunting season by allowing them to practice different shots and angles that they might encounter in the field.

Overall, using a decoy target for archery practice can be a fun and effective way to improve skills and prepare for hunting season.

This package includes 6 pigeon targets.

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