Ambidextrous Archery Bow 6x OD 6mm Arrows Armguard Finger Tab 5x Target Papers 2x Nocking Point Clips

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This package includes:
1x ambidextrous bow for both left-handed and right-handed shooters
6x OD 6mm arrows
5x target papers
1x black armguard
1x black finger tab
2x nocking point clips

* Total length: 57"
* Draw weight: 20/30/40 lbs
* Brace height: 9.4"/24cm
* Dacron bowstring length: 52"/132cm
* Draw length: 28"
* Color: black
* Basic recurve bow for beginners
* Strong nylon fiberglass bow riser and high strength epoxy resin limbs
* Ambidextrous bow with double arrow rests, suitable for both Left & Right handed shooters

Arrow overall length: 31"/80cm
Shaft material: fiberglass
Shaft color: black
Shaft outer diameter: 6mm
Smaller diameters provide less resistance and arrows fly faster.
Shaft spine: around 1000
Fletching type: plastic vanes
Vane shape: shield cutting
Vane size: 3"
Vanes colors: 2 blue and 1 white
Nock type: glue on nock (over nock)
Nock color: transparent blue
Arrow weight: 31g
Arrowhead type: fixed glue on field point (not replaceable)
Arrowhead color: silver
Fit beginners and archery training

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