Youth Ambidextrous Takedown Bow Carbon Arrows Kit

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*Material: ABS Plastic & laminated resin
*Draw Weight: 25 lbs
*Draw Length: 28"
*Bow length: 56"/142 cm
*Riser length: 15"/38 cm
*Weight: 1.8 pounds
*Bowstring length: 53 inches/134 cm
*Brace height: 19.5cm
*Double arrow rest, for both left and right hand
Bow name: 25 lbs Ambidextrous Takedown Recurve Bow

Length: 80cm/31"
Shaft Material: Mixed Carbon
Weight: 29g/pcs
Spine: 350
Diameter: 7.5 mm
Vanes:3", plastic
Arrow name: 32" 7.6mm Spine 400 Colorful Mixed Carbon Arrows

Sponge arrowheads name: Black Sponge Foam Arrowheads

Please note that the actual draw weight may have +/- 2-5 lbs difference.

Package includes:
1x bow
6x of arrows
6x of sponge arrowheads

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