6/12 Bolts Quiver Bag Case Portable Holder for Archery Crossbow Arrows Black Camouflage

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Name: bolts bag
Size: hold 6 or 12 bolts
Dimension: 10x16cm (4"x6.3")
Weight: 90g
Fit bolts thinner than OD 6.5mm
Material: 600D water-proof canvas
Easily carried

The bag is a mini quick quiver, which is a container used to hold crossbow bolts. It is made of canvas, and it can be worn on the back or attached to the belt. The bag/quiver has 6 or 12 compartments for bolts. It also has a strap that goes around the wrist, which helps to keep the quiver in place when the archer is running or jumping.

Quivers are important for archers because they protect the arrows from damage and make it easy to carry them. They also help to keep the arrows organized, so that the archer can quickly and easily select the right arrow for the job.

The quiver is designed for crossbow arrows, which are shorter and thicker than traditional arrows. Crossbow arrows are also typically made of metal or carbon fiber, which is why the quiver has a reinforced bottom.

This package include 1x bag only.
Arrows, bolts or other items are not included.

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