HuntingDoor Archery Bowstring Separator Splitter and Bowstring Serving Thread Peep Sight Installer for Compound Bow

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HuntingDoor archery bowstring separator
Slides in and separates the bow string to insall a peep sight or silencer, convenient and simple, the coating helps prevent damage to the bowstring.
Bow string separator tool
Easy to install center serving, peeps and silencers, aluminum alloy material, durable, lightweight and easy to carry, can be put in your quiver or pocket to take anywhere.
Size: 1.7cm x 5.2cm.
Color: Red.

HuntingDoor archery bowstring serving thread
For outdoor hunting shooting targeting practice, high-quality material, wear-resistant, very strong and perfect for tying the nock peep sight.
The archery bowstring serving thread will be widely used to repair separated serving, tie in a peep, protect bowstring and to tie in the drop cord on your arrow rest.120 yard/110m, 3 strands 0.015-inch durable nylon archery bowstring serving.

Package included:
1x bowstring separator
1x bowstring serving thread.

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