30/40lbs Archery Recurve Bow with 12x Carbon Arrows Tube Quiver Paper Practice Target Hiking

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This package includes:
1x bow with sight and stabilizer
12x arrows with tips
1x tube quiver
1x target paper

Bow name: dark dawn bow
Color: Black
Weight: 800g
Draw weight: 30lbs/40lbs
Limb length: 60cm
String length: 131cm
Bow length: 52"/132cm
Brace Height: 9"/23cm
Riser material: ABS
Limbs material: fiberglass
Dexterity: Right-handed Bow
There is an arrow rest on the riser for right handed shooters
Bow type: Recurve-limb takedown bow
Simple bow sight for shoot accuracy
Stabilizer to reduce hand shock
Fit for beginner's practice shooting and training

Carbon Arrows
Brand: HuntingDoor
Arrow overall length: 31"
Shaft inner diameter: 6.2mm
Shaft outer diameter: 7.8mm
Shaft material: mixed carbon
Shaft color: black
Shaft spine: tested 500
Arrow weight: 35g
Fletching type: plastic vanes
Vane size: 3"
Vane shape: parabolic cutting
Vanes colors: 1 white and 2 red
Nock type: press-in plastic nock
Nock color: transparent green
Arrowhead type: replaceable screw-in field point
Arrowhead material: steel (not carbon steel)
Arrowhead color: silver

Tube Quiver
Arrow tube/quiver:
Length: adjustable 63cm - 110cm
Extendibles and telescopic
Diameter: 8cm
Color: Black
Net weight: 320g
Material: PE
Capacity: to hold 12-24 arrows
The strap makes the arrow tube/quiver easy to carry.
This tube can also be used as a container to storage other items like painting papers.

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