12pcs 31" Hunting Carbon Arrows 12pcs 125gr Hunting Broadheads Outdoor Archery

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'- Mixed Carbon shaft, durable and good balance, arrows will not easy splinter.
- Fit for recurve bow, longbow, compound bow and traditional bow.
- Light weight arrow which will allow you to shoot straight and further.
- Screw-in Steel Tips( please see photos) and Replaceble Plastic Nocks.

Carbon arrows :
Material: Mixed carbon
total length: 31.5 inches
Inner diameter: 6.2mm
Outer diameter: 7.8mm
Feather material: TPU
Feather size: 3 inch plastic feather
Net weight :34G
spine :500-550

Weight: 8g/125Grain
Length: 7.2cm
Thread American: 8-32
Pattern diameter: 0.9cm
Step diameter: 0.5cm
Cutting diameter: 2.74cm
Blade thickness: 0.4MM
Sharpness: 0.7

Package including???12pcs Arrows + 12pcs Broadheads

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