12x 32" ID 4.2mm Slim Turkey Feather Pure Carbon Archery Fletched Arrows Spine 500/700/900 Blue/Orange For Target Practice

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Arrow overall length (end to end): 820mm/32"
Shaft ID: slim 4.2mm
Shaft material: pure carbon
Shaft length: 787mm/31"
Brand: TopArchery
Feather: Turkey feather
Feather size: 2"
Feather color: 2x blue/1x orange
Spine: 500/700/900
Nock: solid red
Nock type: Explosion proof nock with aluminum bushing adapter
Nock groove size: 2.8mm
Arrowhead type: fixed glue-on practice arrowhead
Arrowhead material: Iron-nickel alloy
Arrow weight: 23g/355 grains
Spine 500: OD 5.92mm, GPI 8.2, recommended for 50lbs bow
Spine 700: OD 5.61mm, GPI 6.4, recommended for 40lbs bow
Spine 900: OD 5.41mm, GPI 5.5, recommended for 30lbs bow

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The Slim ID 4.2mm carbon arrow is a type of arrow specifically designed for archery. It is characterized by its slim diameter, measuring approximately 4.2mm (or 0.166 inches) in thickness. The arrow shaft is constructed using carbon fiber, which provides excellent strength, durability, and lightweight performance.

The slim profile of the arrow offers several advantages. First and foremost, it reduces wind drag and air resistance, allowing the arrow to maintain a straighter trajectory and increased accuracy. The reduced diameter also enhances penetration, as it minimizes the surface area that comes into contact with the target.

Carbon fiber construction offers numerous benefits to archers. It is known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, providing a lightweight arrow that can be shot at high speeds. The carbon material also dampens vibrations upon release, resulting in a quieter shot and reduced hand shock.

The Slim ID 4.2mm carbon arrow is typically used in target archery and competitions where accuracy is crucial. Due to its slim design, it may not be as suitable for hunting larger game, as it may not deliver the same level of kinetic energy as thicker arrows.

This package includes 12x fletched arrows with arrowheads, inserts, shafts, feathers and nocks.

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