TopArchery Traditional Mongolian Horse Recurve Bow 6x Arrow Set Handmade Archery Accessories for Shooting Target Practice 30-50lbs

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TopArchery Mongolian horse bow, handmade long bow, with delicate??craftsmanship and traditional design.
Bow Body Length: Approx.53inch/135cm.
Draw Weight: 30-50lbs.
Draw length: 28 inches.
Brace-height: 16-18cm.
Suitable for both beginners and experienced shooters.
The tips of the handmade longbow is made of wood, the limbs of the bow is made of transparent resin bow sheet and wrapped in leather, polished gradually to prevent the wear and tear of the bow string.
The power of this Hungarian style longbow is strong, and the speed of shooting is fast. The shape is also ergonomic, which provides you with perfect experience when hunting, shooting and archery target practice.
This kind of Mongolian horsebow is easy to draw back, draw smoothly and shoot accurately. With good quality and excellent performance, the handmade recurve longbow is a great choice for shooting and target practice.
This traditional recurve bow set includes archery protective gears and accessories, which can provide you more protection.
Arrows type: wood arrows
Real feather arrows
Feather size: 5"
Arrows length: 31"

Package included:
1x bow
6x wooden arrows
1x arm guard
1x hand guard
1x finger guard
1x archery thumb ring
1 pair string silencer
3x nocking point clips.

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