Huntingdoor 20Pcs Bow String Brass Nock Points Clips with Nock Pliers for Compound Recurve Bow Archery Accessories

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Package included:
1x archery nock pliers
20x bowstring nock points.

Basic archery accessories for archers and beginners.
Stable and secure.
The corners of these brass nocks have been polished smooth. They have more padding inside the brass nocks. Nocking buckle pliers, easily install all sizes of nocking points and retainer clips without damaging your bowstring, steel construction with comfort grip handles.
Work well and hold a tight grip on your bow string.
This archery kit can keep a consistent and level nocking point for your arrows and also improve your accuracy when you shooting.
Easy to apply and adjust.
These nock points can be easily clamped on your bowstring with nocking pliers. Suitable for any kind of bow string and bows which provide you a better experience for archery.
You will get 20 Pcs bow string nocking points which can be used for a long time. And you don?€?t have to worry about running out.

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