Huntingdoor Nocking Points Pliers Set Bowstring Nocking Point Buckle Clip T Bow Square Ruler For Recurve Takedown Bow

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Package includes:
1x archery nocking buckle plier
1x T shape bow square
6x bowstring nock points.

Great archery bow maintenance accessories and archery tools, works on longbow, recurve bow and compound bows.
Nocking buckle plier, easily install all sizes of nocking points and retainer clips without damaging your bowstring,steel construction with comfort grip handles,small and lightweight.
T bow square attaches to the string above and below the nocking point, to be used to measure brace height and nock position. And help to find out the best shooting point of view, improve you archery accurate.
Bow string nocking points,guide the arrow in the right place,suitable for different kinds of bow string ,easy to install with a nocking plier and a bow square, the inner layer is antiskid nylon, so it can protect the bow string.
Bow scale is made of aluminum alloy, bowstring nocking point are made of brass,the nocking plier adopts rubber and metal material, high quality and lightweight design,easy to carry and use.

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