Rosewood 55" Laminated Traditional Archery Bow For Target Hunting 20/25/30/35/40/45/50lbs

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Bow length: 140cm/55"
String length: 142cm/55.1"
Standard draw length: 28"
Max draw length: 80cm/31"
Brace height: 17-20ccm
Riser material: rosewood
Limb material: bamboo and maple wood
Riser color: black/red
Limbs color: black
Otter fur string silencers are used to reduce hand shake
Bow type: traditional recurve bow
The indicator on the riser can help arrow off the hand
Sweat band help hold the riser tighten

One-piece traditional archery bows, also known as one-piece longbows or self-bows, are bows that are made from a single piece of wood or other materials without any added components. They are often associated with historical archery and have been used by various cultures around the world.

This is a laminated bow, consisting of multiple layers of different materials laminated together. The combination of different materials in the lamination process allows for a more efficient transfer of energy, resulting in faster arrow speeds and potentially greater accuracy. The laminated traditional bows are known for their smooth draw and natural feel. They often have a lower draw weight compared to modern compound bows but can still deliver significant power and accuracy in the hands of a skilled archer.

Please note that the actual draw weight may have +/- 2-3 lbs difference.

This package includes 1 bow with string silencers and bowstring.

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