TopArchery 19" ILF Aluminum Riser Handle for Takedown Recurve Bow Archery Hunting Target

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Brand: TopArchery
Riser materials: 7075 aluminum alloy
Riser length: 19"
Weight: 1135g
Color: black
Riser type: ILF interface
Screw hole on the riser for stabilizers/dampeners: 5/16"-24
ILF riser fits all ILF limbs.

This riser comes with screw holes to attach top/bottom limbs, string center line adjustment bolts, mounted quiver, sight, arrow rest, cushion plunger and stabilizer, fishing reel.

Please adjust the 2 small grub screws if the string is not in the center of the limb

An ILF (International Limb Fitting) archery riser is a component of a modern recurve bow that serves as the foundation of the bow. It is the central piece that connects the limbs, the arrow rest, the sight, and the stabilizers. The ILF design is a standard that allows the interchangeability of limbs made by different manufacturers, making it easier for archers to customize their bow to fit their needs.

This riser is typically made of aluminum alloy, which provides strength and durability properties.

The grip on the riser contributes to the accuracy and comfort of the archer. The grip is shaped to fit the archer's hand comfortably and provide a consistent grip for each shot.

Package includes: 1x ILF riser.

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