58" TopArchery Fire Phoenix ILF Wood Laminated Takedown Recurve Archery Bow Red Riser Hunting 25-50lbs

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Brand: TopArchery
Bow name: Fire Phoenix
ILF bow
Bow overall length: 58"
Draw length: 28"
Riser length: 15"
Riser color: red/black
Riser type: ILF (International limbs fitting) bow
Bowstring length: 144cm / 57.7"
String strands: 16-strand bowstring
Brace height: 18-20cm / 7.09" - 7.87"
Limbs materials: laminated wood/fiberglass/bamboo sheets
Limbs color: black
Bow type: takedown recurve bow
Dexterity: right handed bow
Draw weight: 25/30/35/40/45/50 lbs

This is a 58" laminated takedown recurve bow. The limbs are laminated by bamboo, wood, and fiberglass sheets. Bamboo is good for its strength and elasticity. The limb is a wood core surrounded by fiberglass and bamboo. The limb tips are reinforced to accept bowstrings for draw weight of up to 50 lbs. The takedown bow will be easier for a hunter/shooter to carry. You can assemble the bow quickly. This is a recurve model, not a longbow model.

The red riser of this Fire Phoenix bow is made of 3 pieces of wood.

This ILF bow (International Limb Fitting bow) allow you to mix and match different brands of ILF riser/handle and limbs together.

The string is a standard 16-strand bowstring, and center served with nocking point installed.

Please note that the actual draw weight may have +/- 2-3 lbs difference.

This package includes 1x bow with bowstring and 4 string clips:
1x riser
1x pair of limbs
1x stringer
1x string
4x string clips
1x simple bow bag

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