TopArchery Sensory Compression Vest for Autism Sensory Deep Pressure for Autism Hyperactivity

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Pressure Sensory Support - This compression vest for autism and sensory processing disorders creates a warm, supportive hug for children who struggle with focus, stress, or anxiety.

Soothing, Comforting Compression - The therapeutic pressure applied to the body is designed to help you stay more engaged and focused when things seem overwhelming or emotions run high.

Hook-and-Loop Adjustability - Designed to fit your torso comfortably, the smart design lets you adjust the fit to give you smooth, even pressure across the shoulders, chest, and stomach for a full upper-body hug.

Breathable, Flexible - Each compress vest provides the perfect balance of weight and comfort to make it easier to wear over or under clothing without limiting mobility, balance, or regular movement.

Friendly Wearable - The perfect compression vest, we offer 2 sizes (Small: 14" x 24", Medium:17" x 30"). Please choose the best size. If you don't know which one will suit for your kids, you can refer the pictures (Shoulder to Waist and Chest Measurements).

A sensory compression vest is a type of therapeutic clothing designed to provide deep pressure stimulation to the wearer. Here are some key details about sensory compression vests:

- Purpose: The main purpose of a sensory compression vest is to help individuals who experience sensory processing issues or disorders, such as autism, ADHD, anxiety, etc. The deep pressure from the vest can have a calming and organizing effect on the nervous system.

- Mechanism: The compression provided by the vest is believed to activate the body's tactile and proprioceptive senses, which can help regulate arousal levels and improve focus and attention.

- Usage: Sensory compression vests are often used as a self-regulation tool, allowing the wearer to manage their sensory needs and emotions. They may be worn during periods of stress, anxiety, or when the person needs to concentrate.

- Benefits: Proposed benefits include reduced anxiety, improved focus, better emotional regulation, and an overall sense of calmness and security for the wearer.

- Customization: Compression vests can be customized with different fabrics, weights, and styles to meet the individual's specific sensory needs and preferences.

Overall, the sensory compression vest is a therapeutic garment used to provide deep pressure input as a way to help individuals with sensory processing challenges self-regulate and better manage their emotions and behaviors.

2 colors available: blue/black

This package includes 1x vest.

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