Traditional Handmade Longbow Horsebow Recurve Archery Bow Pattern Customization

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Traditional Handmade Longbow Horsebow Recurve Archery Bow Pattern Customization
Draw weight: 20/25/30/35/40/45/50lbs
Color: Wood
Material: Wood/bamboo laminated layers
Bow type: traditional one-piece bow
Siyah shape: traditional recurve bow
Brand: TopArchery
Bow overall length: 140cm/55.1"
Length between 2 string grooves: 138cm/54.3"
Brace: 18cm/7"
Draw length: 28"
String length: 136cm/53.54"
String loop size: 10cm/3.93"
String center serving length: 20cm/7.87"
14-strand string in black/red
Weight: around 700g
No arrow rest on the riser, and it fits both left and right handed shooters.
Beautiful girl pattern and traditional landscape on the limb.
The pattern/picture is under the transparent finish, but not drawn on the surface of the limbs.

Patterns on the limbs can be customized at extra costs.

A Chinese traditional archery bow, also known as a "recurve bow," is a type of bow commonly used in Chinese archery. It is characterized by its distinctive shape, which curves away from the archer at both ends. This design allows for a more efficient transfer of energy from the bow to the arrow, resulting in increased accuracy and range.

This Chinese traditional archery bows are made from materials such as bamboo and wood. The limbs of the bow are often made from bamboo, which is known for its strength and flexibility. The handle and tips of the bow are typically made from wood, while the string is made from synthetic materials.

In traditional Chinese archery, the archer typically shoots while standing or riding a horse, using a thumb ring to draw the bowstring back. The arrows used with a Chinese traditional archery bow are wood or bamboo arrows, which are often longer and heavier than those used in Western archery, and are designed to be shot at longer ranges. Modern feathered carbon arrows fit this traditional bow too.

Chinese traditional archery holds a significant place in Chinese culture and history, and remains a popular sport and form of martial arts to this day.

This packages includes 1x bow with bowstring.
To custom the pattern in the limb, contact our support.

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