52" 20-50lbs Yellow Emperor Traditional Recurve Archery Horse Bow Wood Hunting Target Shooting

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Bow Name: Yellow Emperor Bow
Traditional style longbow recurve bow
Strung Bow Length: 52 inches/132 cm
Bowstring Length: 50.7 inches/129 cm
Standard Draw Length: 28 inches
Maximum Security Draw Length: 32 inches
Brace Height: 6.69 inches/17 cm
Draw Weight: 20/25/30/35/40/45/50lbs
Color: Wood
Bow Material Type: Laminated Bow
Bow Materials: Maple Wood, Bamboo, Fiberglass Cores
Siyah type: short hard siyah
The string bridge can speed up the arrow.
Net Weight: 300g (+/- 50g)
No arrow rests, no pin sights or peep sights on the riser of this sort of one-piece traditional bow
Enjoy your instinctive archery by "aiming by not aiming" that dates back thousands of years
Shoot a traditional bow with no attached sights
Ambidextrous bow and suitable for both left handed and right handed shooters

Please note that the actual draw weight may have +/- 2-3 lbs difference.

This package includes 1 bow with bowstring.

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