48"-54" Arch Moon Mongolian Recurve Bow 12x Arrows 30/35/40/45/50 lbs String Silencer Wax Thumb Ring

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Bow Draw Weight


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The package includes:
1x bow with bowstring
1x thumb ring
1x pair of otter fur string silencer
1x string wax
12x fletched arrows with glue-on fixed tips, fletchings and nocks

Brace height: 16-18cm
Draw length: 28"
Security draw length: 31"
Draw weight: 30/35/40/45/50 lbs
Net weight: 500g

30LBS, Bow length: 141cm/55.51", String length: 122cm/48.03"
35LBS, Bow length: 139cm/54.72", String length: 117cm/46.06"
40LBS, Bow length: 136cm/53.54", String length: 136cm/53.54"
45LBS, Bow length: 131cm/51.57", String length: 130cm/51.18"
50LBS, Bow length: 128cm/50.39", String length: 126cm/49.61"

Arrow overall length: 31"/80cm
Shaft material: fiberglass
Shaft color: black
Shaft outer diameter: 6mm
Smaller diameters provide less resistance and arrows fly faster.
Shaft spine: around 1000
Fletching type: plastic vanes
Vane shape: shield cutting
Vane size: 3"
Vanes colors: 2 blue and 1 white
Nock type: glue on nock (over nock)
Nock color: transparent blue
Arrow weight: 31g
Arrowhead type: fixed glue on field point (not replaceable)
Arrowhead color: silver
Fit beginners and archery training

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