Mongolian Traditional Recurve Bow Carbon Arrows Kit Bow Bag Armguard Finger Tab Thumb Ring String Wax Recreational Camping Hiking

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Bow Draw Weight


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Mongolian Traditional Recurve Bow Carbon Arrows Kit Bow Bag Armguard Finger Tab Thumb Ring String Wax Recreational Camping Hiking
Bow Draw Weight
$249.99 CAD
12x 31.5" OD 7.8mm ID 6.2mm Spine 550 HuntingDoor Mixed Carbon Archery Arrows
$36.99 CAD $0.00 CAD
12x 125-grain Gold/Silver Screw-in Broadheads
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This package includes:
1x bow with bowstring
12x carbon arrows
1x arm guard
1x leather finger tab
1x thumb ring
1x 3-finger hand glove finger tab
1x brown hand guard
1x bow-arrow case
1x pair of otter fur string silencer
1x string wax

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Bow name: Arch Moon Mongolian Recurve Bow
30LBS, Bow length: 141cm/55.51", String length: 122cm/48.03"
35LBS, Bow length: 139cm/54.72", String length: 117cm/46.06"
40LBS, Bow length: 136cm/53.54", String length: 136cm/53.54"
45LBS, Bow length: 131cm/51.57", String length: 130cm/51.18"
50LBS, Bow length: 128cm/50.39", String length: 126cm/49.61"
* Max Security Draw length: 31"
* Draw weight: 30/35/40/45/50lbs
* Bow material: wood, fiberglass
* Net weight: 500g
Sometimes we strung the bow using a black cord to protect the bow shape during transportation. The black cord is not the real bowstring. You need to replace the black cord using the real bowstring we added.
Please note that the actual draw weight may have +/- 2-3 lbs difference.

Carbon Arrow name: 31.5" Spine 550 HuntingDoor Mixed Carbon Arrows
* Length: 31.5"
* Shaft Inner Diameter: 6.2mm
* Material: Mix carbon

Arm Guard and Hand Glove name: Brown 2-strap Armguard with Finger Saver
Arm Guard
* Color: brown
* Length: 18cm / 8.66"
* Width (upside): 11cm / 4.3"
* Width (underneath): 9cm / 3.5"
* Material: soft leather

Hand Guard
* Material: Cow leather
* Length: 12 x 6.5cm
* Color: Brown
* Fits for left and right handed shooters

Finger Tab name: Dark Brown Double Layer Finger Tab
* Color: brown
* Material: cow leather
* Length: 7.7cm / 3 inch
* Width: 6.6cm / 2.6 inch
* Net Weight: 18g
* Fits for right handed shooter

Bow-arrow Case name: Traditional Bow Bag with Arrow Holder
* Color: Black
* Materials: PU Leather
* Bow Case weight: 320g
* Arrow bag weight: 220g

Thumb ring name: Huwairen Leather Thumb Ring
Thumb ring length: 7cm
Weight: 11g
Protect your thumb during shooting
Material: cow leather
Color: Brown/Black
Dexterity: both left and right handed shooters
Type: Thumb Ring Guard
Archery shooting finger tip protector.

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